Web Development Service

Hi, I am glad to help you build up your website.

Here are some possible project types, and feel free to discuss any other ideas as well:

  • WordPress setup
  • Interactive event websites
  • Event voting websites
  • Custom static websites (no backend, no database)

In general, handling projects that are not as complex as e-commerce websites should not be a problem for me. I can also assist with domain and server hosting arrangements.

Some of the features I have implemented in previous projects include:

  • Membership systems
  • Integration with LINE Login API
  • File upload functionality (images/videos)
  • Survey forms
  • Admin dashboards
  • Image & Video watermarking service
  • Data visualization
  • API integration / implement

Other Possibilities to Explore

  • Browser extensions
  • Website development tutorials

You can also check out some of my past projects:

Finally, here are some browser extensions I have created: