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Copia beta (clipboard helper) Byebye

I love a app called Copia, and there are also some media introduced it. But I found it disappear now. Mercifully, my friend, ettoolong, backuped it before. And now I decide to shared it to you all. If you are the ownner of Copia and you don’t want it appear here. Please send an email to me. (wildsky at moztw.org) Or you could just tweet to @wildskyf The most important thing, download link: https://drive. Read more

讓 Mac 上的 Chrome 瘦身

剛剛在整理電腦時,發現 chrome 居然佔用了 2GB 的空間⋯⋯ 迅速查了一下才發現原來是他把一堆舊版本的資料全部都保留下來了。 (都存放在 /Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/Versions/ 下面) 這種行為真的 Read more

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